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Advise around process optimization and testing together your product in a high quality equipped laboratory in the Netherlands.


Process optimization aound Short path distillation; Thin film distillation; Extraction; Crystallization; Zero liquid discharge systems.

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We offer consulting, engineering and the digitalization of the Cannabis process for Medical as well as Industrial uses in Morocco.


About us

We are here to increase knowledge with experience

Chemia Technology SARL is a Moroccan engineering service provider in the field of chemistry. We focus on thin film and short path technology, crystallization, liquid-liquid extraction and drying. We offer the following services:
Test and feasibility studies in our pilot plant partner to optimize production processes and pilot large-scale plants. As well as the purchase of process equipment, spare parts and consulting around cannabis processing.

Hicham Chakir (CEO & founder)


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Pilot Trials

Test and feasibility studies in pilot plants to optimize production processes.


In relation to technical issues and aspects includes product and process engineering.


Turnkey solutions from a single source simplify the project management.


With test performance and safe handover to your employees.

After Sales

Customer service and after-sales communication, as well as maintenance, repair and spare parts management.


Process monitoring and optimisation. Digitizing production, delivery and storage.


Extraction and dosage more components of the cannabis/hemp plant in the laboratory.


There are many applications that are still being researched. Bring more education and collaboration.


Technologies & Products

We are working with our experience

Technoforce provides process intensification in the related fields for creating synergetic solutions. Technoforce has developed its know-how in process optimization for over 31 years in the field of evaporation, drying, vacuum distillation, crystallization and extraction

  • +3000 Completed Successful tests
  • 10 Various pilot plants
  • 100% Automated Fabrication
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

For high temperature sensitive products and for the production of high quality distillate e.g. pure CBD.

Crystallization provides a process to produce solid crystalline compounds with high purity. CBD crystals with a 90+% purity or higher.

It will be used as an economical alternative for separating compounds that are difficult to purify by distillation.

The most energy efficient dryer in the market. Thermal efficiency exceeds 90%. An example is the dring of heat sensitive food products.

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