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Chemia Technology SARL is a Moroccan engineering service provider in the field of chemistry. We focus on thin film and short path technology, crystallization, liquid-liquid extraction and drying. We offer the following services: Test and feasibility studies in our pilot plant partner to optimize production processes and pilot large-scale plants. As well as the purchase of process equipment, spare parts and consulting around cannabis processing.

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GIZ support Hash 4.0 to built a cannabis consulting and ingineering busniness in morocco.


Cannabis hash 4.0 maroc

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A Professional Company offering solutions for Chemical Industry

Technoforce provides process intensification in the related fields for creating synergetic solutions.

Process optimization for over 31 years in the field of evaporation, drying, vacuum distillation, crystallization and extraction.

35+ Years Experience
3000+ Pilot Trials
1000+ Projects realized
250+ Professionals