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Technoforce Solutions for the chemical industry.

Technoforce was started in 1990 to manufacture distillation and drying equipment based on Thin
Film Technology. Other technologies like Extraction, Crystallization and Zero Liquid Discharge plants for
industrial wastewater were added in later years.
Through in-house investments and cooperation with universities, Technoforce has developed synergistically relevant technologies. Thus, the customers can avail several process steps from a single source.
Having modern manufacturing facilities with robots and CNC machines in India and pilot plant facilities in
India and the Netherlands, Technoforce has uniquely positioned itself to provide competitive solutions.
We work very closely with the customers to assist in feasibility studies and tests in the pilot plants for
process optimization.
With an experience of more than 1000 installations and 3000 pilot plant tests, Technoforce has a proven
capability to supply plants with attractive payback periods.